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Selling My Kids’ Childhood Home

It’s time to sell my house: my three kids are off to college or working and the house is way too big for just me. So, what’s it like to get it off my hands? In this blog, I talk about the drama of working with realtors, staging my home to appeal to as many buyers as possible, and finally transferring the house into what my kids and I would call a hotel, no longer a home.

Hiring a Realtor

I really needed to sell my house. It was getting on my nerves how much time and money I was spending on it. Besides, as an empty nester, it was way too big for me to live there alone. I’d resorted to sleeping in my son’s average-sized bedroom, after finding my master suite way too spooky with the smoke detector projecting weird images on the ceiling when cars with bright light drove by.

Yet, after seven months on the market with a realtor and no serious offers, I questioned what it would take to get this suburban house off my hands.

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